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  • this is really a wordpress/xampp setup issue not a buddypress thing. i can’t really help you because i never had any trouble setting mine up and i use mac anyway but you might be able to get more eyeballs on your problem by using the support resources for wordpress and/or xampp since buddypress is a sort of baby universe compared to the larger wordpress universe which contains it there are far fewer people here then there are there.

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    Ben Hansen (ubernaut)


    sorry i don’t know any plugins or how to hack it but i think that would make a great feature suggestion for core if you can please add it to trac here:

    if not let me know and i’ll add it.


    port 21 is FTP port 22 is SFTP maybe thats the problem? those are settings in your ftp program not buddypress.


    lol, can’t believe we still don’t have a contribute/make button on the main menu or footer :/

    sorry above my pay grade 😉 perhaps @imath has an idea?

    good to provide more info such as other plugins WP version theme etc:


    here are some plugins you might want to check out:

    not sure why you think it’s not very active here, there are at least a dozen posts here a day. last BP release was within the last few weeks. this is the right spot but you may want to post on the job board if you need more personal help.

    Profile photo of Ben Hansen (ubernaut)
    Ben Hansen (ubernaut)


    the graphic is getting cut off a bit on larger screens under mac safari:


    oh i guess you changed your name bumping, @johnjamesjacoby


    @jjj just thought i’d ping you since nobody followed up on this one and he was still asking questions.


    ok well thanks for clarifying i do try to defer as much as possible to people who know more than me around here (as well as in general). i probably jumped into this thread a bit too early anyway i know that wouldn’t be personally motived or anything i just want make sure I’m not giving bad advice/input on these threads.


    i’m sorry if you feel i’m not helping on this forum or just this thread i try to be strait to the point with my responses and try to shy away from anything relating to coding this thread perhaps was a bit of a borderline issue but please let me know if you feel like my participation is no longer desired around here.


    well we are working on it this is an open source project if you have a desire to help make improvements you can make things happen faster :)

    doesn’t currently exist in buddypress.

    what are you going to do if there are overlapping usernames? maybe others here know more than i do but i think you may be creating as many new problems or more than you are solving by trying to unify the infrastructure of these sites.

    there used to be a forum for that maybe they took it down for some reason maybe a mod could chime in on that.

    i am not a programmer but i would think coding a simple favorite button into the page template wouldn’t be too tall an ask or require editing core. i also think if it was using the buddypress favoriting it would just be a stop gap until the feature is included in core compatibility wouldn’t be an issue as you you could just remove the extra code but hey what do i know anyway?


    well it sounds like applying the patch is not a matter of skill at this point. this is an open source project, one which is just about to release a major revision so to expect this feature to see the light of day “immediately” is not realistic. the best thing you can do if you don’t want to give up on buddypress is to hire a developer to add the functionality into your theme or via a plugin.

    brought this up in the buddypress devchat today and will bring it up again when the 2.3 discussion starts :) it does seem like this idea has been brought up in the past and it seems like there is some agreement that an improvement in this department would be worth looking into at least.

    there has been some discussion of media handling in core I’m not sure the exact status of it but you may want to show up for a dev chat to lobby for your request(s) theres one later today in fact:

    Wednesdays at 20:00 UTC
    #buddypress on Slack

    like i said i’m pretty sure you would need to put that into your themes post template but it stands to reason that should maybe be a core feature might want to create a trac ticket for that one :)

    as i said before jetpack likes are really more like Facebook likes, you can’t Facebook like something if you aren’t on Facebook any more than you can jetpack like something if you aren’t on the whole idea of jetpack is to give your self hosted blog/site many of the capabilities of a hosted blog/site, so from that perspective how it works is pretty sensible even if most people have no idea about

    jetpack likes are totally separate from buddypress more like a Facebook like. in regards to the buddypress favoriting you would need to code that in your page template i believe or use a theme which does that already.

    another thing you can try is re-saving your permalinks if you haven’t tried that one yet. beyond that you are probably beyond my ability to help but maybe someone else who knows more either here or on the bbpress support forum maybe able to help you further.

    I’ve had a similar situation in the past this plugin was able to help straiten things out for me it was made by jjj the lead for bbpress:

Viewing 25 replies - 1 through 25 (of 771 total)
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