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Who wants a media plugin for BP

  • gpo1


    We all know that any social site needs some sort of video media,so I want to know how many people who wants a media plugin for BP.

    Features & more

    Upload,and import all rich-media directly.

    Easily import all rich media (video, audio, pictures…) from other sites.Sidebar Widget displaying thumbnails of recent videos and video comments.

    Complete administrative capabilities. You decide who can add and edit each video.

    Whereby, we all chip in to hire a developer to make this plugin.

    Let me know,so that I could give an answer?

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  • enlightenmental1



    “currently we do not have the resources to create this integration in-house.

    I will however, fully support the developers that will take this initiative, providing help in code and guidance.”

    they dont have time

    I sent Andy a message and asked him a couple questions…. considering the BP Gurus are currently pondering the same things we are, I really suggest finding out “how they would do it”

    then it can be seamless and remain stable as BP changes….

    again, I’ll cover half to all if this is done with “BP’s blessing”



    response from Andy:

    “I think it’s a good idea, as long as it works well and follows the WP coding standards I would definitely consider it. Go for it.”

    – Andy

    ok, so if Andy will consider adding whatever gets made into the core of BP, I think we should make sure this is done as best as possible, right?

    I’ve got a total of $500 that I will put towards this to make sure it kicks ass

    you’all will have to throw down as well


    if this is more than you were looking to do, plz let me know… im not trying to hijack your project… just want to add what I can ($) so it works for my use…




    Thanks for your interest, but can you provide more info to the developer below!

    Please email him with your question and tell it about your issues,


    Mambe Churchill Nanje

    237 77545907,

    AfroVisioN Founder, President,CEO



    Need more interested persons on this project ,so put our name down if you like !

    Deli Yaban


    I´m interested..paypal is o.k for me..just let me know


    “We also need to make sure it’s easy to update for compatibility with future versions of WPMU and BP.”

    I absolutely agree with this..


    thanks for your time..



    I am with Enlightenmental1 on this. It needs to be done properly.

    I also think you get what you pay for, and I am bit skeptical about the budget these guys are happy to work for ($200). It makes me question if they can they do the job properly.

    Thank you for the initiative you are showing Gpo1. We really all do appreciate it.

    I would also be prepared to chip in some money, but I would need to know what we are actually buying here.

    Perhaps Mambe Churchill Nanje would like to jump onto this post and read/address peoples requests and concerns rather than having all of us contact him individually?



    I share your concerns on this issue and I’d try and get the developer on board to answer your questions!

    Watch this space.. pls put your interest down good or bad !

    the 200usd is from the specifications shown below:

    – get the current media plugin

    – adapt it for buddypress

    but if the specs are different, the cost will change



    200 sounds too cheap, but I don’t know if that’s just normal in Cameroon…



    @Socialpreneur, do you want the price higher?if you got any questions ask the developer on the forum!

    Well, Mambenanje is the developer doing the job..

    Therefore, we could ask any questions and then start the project rolling!



    copy this, add to it, paste it below in your post…. this will get a little overboard i’m sure, but we should list as much as we can and then narrow it down based on:

    – if it’s possible

    – time to complete

    – cost

    Features Request:

    browser=person browsing the website

    user= the individual user/profile owner

    – seamless integration with buddypress

    – this becomes a component that is activated through the bp admin menu

    – and general settings are controlled by the admin in the wp-admin subnav

    – not a plugin/mu-plugin

    – user can select to only show pics/vids if your the users friend, or show anyone

    – user can subscribe to pics/vids gallery rss just like activity rss

    – browser can select “view random gallery” or “view random video” from the bp nav bar

    – user has “gallery options” under their profile menu

    – add/upload/remove/rename/add caption to images and videos

    – user has “gallery settings” under their settings menu

    – make pics/videos public, show to friends only, etc

    – all media uploaded is searchable through the /members page

    – a new <directory> is created called “Media” just like the “groups” or “members” or “events”

    – this directory shares the default theme of BP and yet is customizable because it has it’s own directory/index.php and directory/media-loop.php (just like BP)

    – admin decides how media should be stored

    – on the website server

    – or on kultura (i have no need for this)

    – etc

    – admin decides max file size, max storage amount per user and is able to delete any media uploaded

    – user is able to choose which uploaded image is set as their avatar

    – user is able to create galleries and select a default gallery icon/image (myspace)

    – galleries could contain both video and images and are browsable as thumbs

    – thumbnail image is “thickbox ready” and pops up both pics and video into a jquery thickbox with button for next / previous / close etc

    – Gallery content/information/descriptions etc becomes bp-Xprofile data that can gotten and displayed much the same as regular bp-xprofile data (get_bp_xprofile data ect)

    – except for the admin options, all gallery controls and content remain on the front-end/profile only

    the list goes on and on… and there’s many ways this could all be done

    add to the above, remove stuff (say why you removed)

    I dont think these features are “too much” considering there’s $700 available for this project… I’m also open to a different developer…. this should be someone who lives and breathes buddypress and who keeps current with both wpmu and bp trunk versions

    we would also need to know/specify which install we want this created for

    wpmu 2.7.1 + BP RC1

    wpmu 2.7 + BP RC1

    wpmu 2.7.1 + BP latest trunk

    etc… because chances of this working well on all the different install variation is tricky

    worst case scenario, all we get is the $200 job and we have to make due

    (im still down with that too)

    I would like the developer to brainstorm and come up with a list of features that THEY think are possible considering the budget

    $200 gets you ___________.

    $700 gets you ___________.

    ($700 would get us something pretty damn cool from the right dev… and remember, if it’s done right Andy will add this to the BP core which I believe is the best option)



    @Enlightenmental1, Hmmmm… That is a different project you listed.

    All I wanted was to integrate kultura plugin which has most of the features,but 3rd party hosted.Hopefully open source release soon.

    Maybe you can check out another developer for the list then we shall look into it.

    I get where you are coming from,if we decide whether to make a video plugin for BP then Nicola can help out after Andy makes the album plugin.

    Open for ideas?



    blah…. ok….

    but why spend money on something that most people would want to replace with something better? oh well… im not tryin to argue

    hosting the media on a 3rd party server is not an option for me. and Andy made it sound like if we went through with this plugin, it would replace whatever he has planned…(maybe)

    that tells me a core photo album is further away than anyone would probably like it to be.

    (unless Andy wants to jump in and set me straight)

    i’m still down…cause it’s cheap…. let us know if testers are needed



    @Enlightenmental1.Well, looks like the album plugin could be far down the line therefore a video could be even more.

    So Shall we agree and concentrate make a special video with the list you mentioned?

    Therefore,if you can hunt down a developer let us know?



    Count me in guys-this would be a great plugin feature and well worth it. DO you still need $ contributions?


    the requirements you put up there is great and ideal but is more expensive. we can implement that in a month at 15usd an hour 5 days a week and 8hrs a day. usual working time ;)

    So if you guys can afford that cost then we can go on to implement that and do the proper testing and do support for a period of say 2 months for anybody willing to use the plugin



    This has taken in a new direction, We need more developers on this project.

    Therefore,we need to hire a developer to take-up Enlightenmental1 list of features and maybe Andy could apply it into BP core.

    Therefore we all look for a developer, then chip in!



    @Mambenanje, Are you thinking of taking up the task?



    I’ve already started on a photo albums plugin and about 50-70% through the development. Just have some small tweaks, however I believe I can quite easily put it into the core of Buddy Press.

    Send me a message if anyone’s interested in the plugin OR future development.

    My CV is at for any other contact methods.




    modifying my current plugin to do videos as well will be a piece of cake



    @Dallasclark, I’m interested in future development, and also can you fulfil Enlightenmental1 feature list?



    @Dallasclark, Please support twitter hooks so that you can twitter your video/photo’s like twitpic?



    @Gpo1 I can make the feature in stages, to begin with it has all the simple essentials. I can then enhance it over time and prioritise features you all want.

    Sure, Twitter integration is only a couple of hours work.



    @ GPo1 do you have a complete list of features you want? I want to see them

    @ Mambenanje $2400.00 is too much, I fear you’ve lost this bid.

    @ DallasClark

    we just need to assure this follows the best practices of the latest WPMU and BP… I don’t know your level of skillz, but you seem to have a good grasp on things…

    you should also send your working plugin to Andy Peatling so he can review/comment is he’s available to. this really needs to be “adopted” into the core of BP… this will assure its continued development by others as the BP following grows… unless you want to support a plugin like this on your own? (i wouldnt want to)

    if it does what you say it does/can, you’ve got my money.. but i need to test it

    what can you tell me about the “core” of your plugin?

    is it based on another plugin?

    is it built using the WPMU core media management?

    do you have a working version on your own site?

    are you willing to share the development/improvments work with other devs?

    will this remain GPL?

    can we get a list of features now VS with more $ ?

    I assume this is something we will be paying you to complete?

    the questions go on and on….

    thanks everyone



    Hi Enlightenmental1,

    The functionalities/features of the Photo Album plugin so far are:-

    * Create unlimited number of albums

    * Inserted unlimited number of photos into each album

    * Album Cover Selector

    * User comments per album and per photo

    * Owner of the album/photo can moderate all comments

    * Users can alter their own comments in the album/photo

    * Automatic image resizing and optimisation

    * Permalinks to albums and photos

    My plan (which can change) is as follows (in no particular order):-

    * Twitter Integration

    * JavaScript Thumbnail Cropping

    * Create an AJAX driven interface – but only when the main extras of the plugin are complete (easier this way and for SEO reasons)

    * Website Administrator Settings – number of albums, photos users can have, and/or user upload limits.

    * Handle other media like videos.

    I generally don\\\’t like to release a unfinished product until it\\\’s stable enough in my own opinion, otherwise it\\\’s too hard to administrate feedback and ideas when I know some little parts are broken here and there.

    However, if anyone would like to get a glance at the plugin first, drop me an email though my website ( or directly here on BP.

    In the future:

    I will be happy for other developers to make improvements or the general public to submit ideas, however every line of code will be moderated and thoroughly checked. The licence of the plugin will be GPL sometime soon.


    I have in the past tried to do things for free, however when you have a home loan to pay and a family to look after, doing work for free isn\\\’t as easy. Especially when I have an endless number of projects lined up that will pay me.

    The plugin I\\\’ve created so far, already has a sponsor but only a small one. I\\\’m working on this plugin 3 hours a week, and both the sponsor and I would like to see more. I\\\’m not asking anyone to fork out hundreds of $\\\’s (would be nice and I would only ever be so kind) but it would be great to get a few dollars here and there.

    For anyone\\\’s interest for my credibility, these are some of the projects I\\\’ve worked on and currently working on.

    Free Projects (see I did do some free work :P)

    * Particls –

    * Peepel – (25% of my development time was paid for)

    Paid Projects

    * WOMF – – In Particular v3 (

    * Fitnice – Gym / Club Membership Management and Billing Software – converting to Adobe AIR and iPhone shortly.

    There are more projects but some of them are private and cannot be discussed.

    Any further queries, let me know.

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