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Who wants a media plugin for BP

  • gpo1


    We all know that any social site needs some sort of video media,so I want to know how many people who wants a media plugin for BP.

    Features & more

    Upload,and import all rich-media directly.

    Easily import all rich media (video, audio, pictures…) from other sites.Sidebar Widget displaying thumbnails of recent videos and video comments.

    Complete administrative capabilities. You decide who can add and edit each video.

    Whereby, we all chip in to hire a developer to make this plugin.

    Let me know,so that I could give an answer?

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  • gpo1


    I’ve got some info which I sent to the developers about this media headache project !

    Here’s the reply..

    ” You can use BuddyPress component with Kaltura CE with some minor changes whose documentation we will publish soon on our blog –

    About adding video/images/audio related actions to a user activity stream, that feature is on the card but it will take 4-5 months. You can get it developed by paying us privately or fund development of this open-source addon publicly. We will soon publish list of donors with their sites on the project page.

    Do let me know if there is anything I can help you with. “

    What’s is the best method of funding this project or shall we all contact the developer?



    Hello Everyone,

    I am a lead developer from rtCamp and we are very pleased to introduce Buddypress-Kaltura

    plugin. ( )

    Updates will be available on following soon…so please say tuned ;-)

    1. KalturaCE integration.

    2. Buddypress 1.1.x version will be available.

    3. Some new features will also be included.

    Please give us feedback and suggestions. :-)




    Hi this is Vivek Jain, PR manager from rtCamp Solutions.

    Had a word with our lead developer, Kapil Gonge regarding Buddypress 1.1.x version. He assured to release it within 4 working days.

    Also please paste “error message” you have got.

    Our server are getting heavy traffic because of recent buzz this buddypress-media component has created. I hope the error message you have seen is downtime related and one from our blog and not an error message plugin itself.


    Awaiting feedbacks and suggestions.


    Jeff Sayre


    @kapil and vick717

    I suggest creating a new thread in the “Third party Components & Plugins” forum as this thread was originally started for discussion of the features that members would like to see in any media plugin, not just your plugin.

    This thread should not be used to support your Company’s Kaltura plugin or make announcements about your plugin as you are not the OP. Besides, you will more than likley get more interest and visibility by starting a new thread.

    When you have created a new thread, simply make a quick post here announcing the new thread.



    @kapil and vick717,

    Welcome to buddypress forum, and thank you for creating this plugin which as been a headache and now see the light.

    Like Jeff Sayre, said start a new thread and you shall get the max reponses !

    awaiting BP with kalturaCE & comments features !



    @Jeff Sayre

    We apologize if our comments made a promotional sense. We didn’t intend to do so.

    We have created a new thread as you suggested.



    The comments feature may take some more time but Buddypress with KalturaCE would be out within 24 hrs.


    Please check out the thread below



    Some update on this project:


Viewing 7 replies - 126 through 132 (of 132 total)
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