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Re: 1.1 rc and r1964 – Page Not Found for Blog Members Groups and Forums



I only tried the parent as a TEST after the fact that the member theme didn’t work.

I don’t see why buddypress wouldn’t work with blogs in subdirectories since that would be the most logical install (since it doesn’t require extra server setup) That is how MU works.

It is installed at the webroot.

If buddypress is now exclusively subdomains, I’ll have to look for another solution (or start coding my own friends,groups, and internal messaging hacks *sigh* which wouldn’t be good enough to share.

I did another search this morning of the forum and I see that several others are having the same exact problem, but no one has replied with any fixes. I saw a few threads saying not to have mu installed in a subdirectory, but that is not my case. It is so disappointing.

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