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Re: 1000s of acivity related tables are being created automatically

Jeff Sayre


Will it be safe to have latest SVN version on production site? I am not sure about it so asking..

Safe? Well, both the latest WPMU branch and BuddyPress trunk versions are still in development. It is always a gamble to use pre-release packages in production.

By the way, BuddyPress RC1 is not production ready. So, you take risks running it on a production site. Once BuddyPress has its first public release, you can then start deploying it into a production environment.

However, it sounds like you’re already using BP on a production site. You might want to consider temporarily shutting that aspect of your site until you either fix this issue, or until BuddyPress is officially released and you’ve upgraded to the pubic release version.

Getting back to the invite friends plugin issue, did you just delete it or did you first deactivate it then delete it? Have you done any updates to WPMU since deletion?

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