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Re: 1000s of acivity related tables are being created automatically



Hi Guys,

I finally managed to fix the issue with the help of Burt.. I really appreciate the help.. very few people go so far and stay till the end.. I was with him on IRC for almost 2 hours..

The issue was related to one of the plugins (Sexybookmarks), the plugin was trying to connect to remote site to fetch some data, the remote site had some problems so was throwing back error 500, so in this process, the server was not able to load the whole page. (May be it was retrying)

We disabled all the plugins and tried enabling all one by one.. and thats how the issue was traced.

Now back to the 1000s of table issue.. earlier I thought it might be causing the issue but later realized that, it was actually not the issue, this is how BuddyPress RC1 behaves to track activity of each user.. it creates 3 tables for each user..

I think like Jeff mentioned, it has been taken care in the latest version over the trunk.. the latest trunk version will fix the issue as I think it stores all the activity in single table.. thus it’s a good idea for the sites with the large user base.

I guess that’s it, all cool now.. issue resolved with the help of Burt (Burtadsit)

Thanks everyone for their inputs.



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