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Re: 404 /blog /members etc… RC2 WPMU 2.7.1



@Andy: I\’ll be installing a test build very soon.

My steps will be:

  • Install test WPMU+Buddypress
  • test
  • if this works, migrate all data
  • test
  • if this works, perfect .. problem solved
  • if it doesn\’t, it\’s a problem in the codebase…

Everyone having this problem seems to be having existing data; which might be the first thing to look out for …

It\’s for sure not the themebug with not accepting dashes in filenames; I tested, because my theme is called artistblog-v2 (yep, with a dash).

The problem was not solved, I\’ve noticed a NEW problem even, with the preview not showing up in the right frame (rather in the full frame, making it unable to click the \”use theme\” button), but that could be my theme too which needs to be modified.

Maybe something to think about, themes which don\’t get loaded in the lightbox, what about those to activate them ?

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