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Re: 404 /blog /members etc… RC2 WPMU 2.7.1



I’ve tried disabling -all- plugins running my site naked, although, it didn’t work at all;

My first work was the upgrade of my existing theme to the new standards ; although that gives the same error as the “buddypress home RC2” theme.

I’m not really convinced this is themes related…

I’m 100% sure it’s not mu-plugins related either, because I’ve tried disabling all those by moving them away, disabling sunrise in wp-config.php and it did nothing else more than rendering a lot useless and giving the same 404 errors on the main domain.

the plugins directory I moved too, backed up the database before moving them, logging in, lots of things not working anymore including the slugs, which were still giving the same 404 errors …

restored the database, plugin directories, mu-plugins and enabled sunrise again, because it didn’t matter at all; except that my blog articles are currently working towards the world …

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