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Re: 404 error on BP links



I’m experiencing virtually the same problem. See The site is based on WP 2.92 and Buddypress 1.2.3 then Buddypress Widget Theme. I have tried various flavours of Buddypress with a variety of other themes aa well as trying to install as a sub-directory and in the root. The current trial is roo-based.

Looking at your website you will see that when you click on the links that work the url on is based on the root and the other contains a reference to /index.php/. When you click on other menu items – say members – the url is based on the root – thus /members/ . Clicking on that gives a raw 404. If you change that to /index.php/members/ you will find that you will get a page from your website that just says ‘Page not found’. (On my website I don’t get ‘page not found, I get the home page).

Now the bad news. I have shown that this is somehow related to /index.php/ but despite playing with this for the past week, I haven’t been able to figure out what is wrong – let us hope that someone here will take the clue and figure out the answer.

One other thing – if you create a new folder in the root called, say, /members/ and place a dummy index.htm in there, then as expected clicking on Members will open that page.

All this suggest to me some sort of mis-redirection – can anyone help?



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