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Re: 404 errors turning into 500 errors through internal redirects

Jeff Sayre


On another topic…is it good to create a ginormous robots.txt file? I’m wondering if that slows down your site at all.

I would place only what you need in your robots.txt file. The link I provide was just to show you that there are many, many bad bots out there. I would not implement the robots.txt file they recommend.

The fact hat yu are getting 500 instead of 404 error codes is a good clue. There must be some specific error showing up in Apache’s error log whenever that is fired. Please create the 500 error again, notice the exact time, and then check the log. What does it say?

Also, sometimes you can get a 500 error if directory or file permissions are not properly set. Where appropriate, they should be 755. Everything in /plugins/ that is BuddyPress specific should be set to 755.

A couple of additional questions while I’m at it:

  1. Have you searched the WPMU forums for 500 Internal Server Error thread? I think this may be more related to you WPMu install than BuddyPress?
  2. Are you using some special permalink structure? That should not be causing the lack of 404’s but every bit of info helps.
  3. Did you carefully follow the readme.txt file that comes with WPMU?
  4. Is this a new WPMU 2.7.1 install, or did you upgrade from an older version?

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