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Re: a conceptual Group dilemma – need Ideas please

Jeff Sayre


I suggest going back to index cards and card catalogs. They worked so much better.

Actually, I think that you are on the proper path. In essence, you need to create a virtual subgroup–the intersection of the two groups. This virtual subgroup would be a child to both the class year and the Cadet Company.

I take it from your description that the class year has precedence. Even though members of a given Cadet Company are allowed to communicate with members in different class years, a given member is not allowed to communicate with a member in a different Cadet Company unless they are in the same class year.

So code a function that will create a subset of data corresponding to the intersection of class year and Cadet Company. It will be a virtual subgroup even though it does not exist as an actual group in the DB. Provide a link, an icon, within the Class Year group that triggers a function that filters out the data of the Cadet Year to only display members in that Cadet Company who are in the same class year. You can do the same in the Cadet Company group as well.

Actually creating a new group would be redundant as the data already exists. It’s best to simply pull it from the two existing groups as needed.

Having never done this in BP myself, I’m not sure how you would go about it. But it should not be too difficult.

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