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Re: A fork or WPMU that integrates BP and has simpler useability for end users

Jeff Sayre


Since this forum is meant to discuss possible enhancements for future BuddyPress versions in 2010, the idea of forking the project is beyond scope. You of course are free to continue discussing this topic but it might be better to start a new thread in the Miscellaneous Forums.

As to this example:

Lets say if i want to use Buddypress to set up an organic farming community for example I am going to have many of my users getting confused with having a backend and a front end and all of the options and admin stuff in the backend.

The only reason users would need access to the backend is if the Site Admin has set up their BuddyPress community to allow users to have their own blogs. If the mulitblog feature is not enabled, then users only have access to the frontend menus to set options and navigate the network. Also, the Site Admin could choose to build their community on the single-user version of WordPress. Then offering blogs to users is not even an option.

Whereas your assertion that

…stripping out the WP centric features surely won’t be an issue in the context of running a social network.

might be the case from a user’s perspective, it is a huge issue with regards to the amount of programming and code refactoring that would be required.

I can state with a high-degree of certainty that Andy nor Automattic will not be forking their own creations. The only way I could see that happening is if a few Automattic employees break off and form their own shop.

Why wait for someone else to do it? As I said in my first post in this thread, forking any OS project is a lot of work, but you are free to do so as long as you follow the GPL. If you think you have a unique, under-served vision for the platform, form a team and do it.

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