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Re: A little CSS help on Forums

You shouldn’t really call out specific members in this manner – members are not here to provide a coding service :)

To a certain degree if you want customisations then you will by necessity need to develop your skill level to effect them, his forum may be enviable but the amount of work to achieve that will have been quite detailed – getting BP the way one wants it does actually require a fair amount of work .

Please don’t just say to go to the etivite forums because he abandoned them.

Do you know this for a fact? If not then I wouldn’t state something this emphatically – I doubt he’s abandoned his site he might just be very busy? and simply because he runs a BP site doesn’t necessarily mean he’s available or obliged to support any and all issues that are dropped in his lap :)

This plugin by Rich may be useful – doesn’t add that topic started/latest stamp as far as I can see but adds a few refinements that can improve forums:

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