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Re: A question for theme designers



@pcwriter The colour selector thingy is almost done. For your purposes you’ll be able to switch off the advanced css stuff and just have the colour selector and/or the wallpaper thingymaboo available to your users. It works by loading a css template with 6 custom colours. I’ll work on making it such that if you choose to customise the template and the preset colour schemes, it will be upgrade-proof. The way I am doing that is by having the plugin look for your (site admin) custom stuff in the currently active BP theme folder, which I assume for most sites will be a customised child theme anyway. If there’s aaaany issues with that, let me know.

@gregfielding Yep, see above… also almost done. :) It’s taking a bit longer because I don’t want to accidentally create a security crater in someone’s site and then be driven out by a mob with flaming torches and pitchforks. :D

@paulhastings0 That would be the very plugin of which I am speaking. And am considering a version for profiles. But one thing at a time.

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