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Re: Accessing media redirects to 404 error

Peter Anselmo



Wow. After 3 days of banging my head against a wall, I finally figured it out. It was so simple.

There is in fact no difference in the way BP 1.1 or BP 1.2 handle the redirects and files directory.

My code was appending a slash to the file name (during storage) in BP1.1 (I had to do conditional code because 1.1 doesn’t have bp_core_avatar_upload_path).

Thus, in my BP1.1 installation, I was trying to access a directory.

When I had verified the file was on the server, I was using “ls -l”; I was so busy looking at filenames and permissions, I missed the little “d” at the start of the line.

D is for “Doh”.

FYI, I found in my research that blogs.php is in fact being called, but of course, rewrite URLs aren’t shown in the actual URL, so it was silly to come to the earlier conclusion.

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