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Re: accessing the item_id with bpcontents



I don’t think there is a bpcontents template tag that outputs an item id in the loop.

I assume you’re trying to access this value in a place where $oci_items_template has been defined, and so I think the fastest way to get it is to call global $oci_items_template and then get $oci_items_template->item->id.

If on the off chance you have a group_id or user_id to feed in, oci_get_member_item_id() and oci_get_group_item_id() will return (not output) an item id from a group or user id. That’s about the best I can do but I bet that’s not what you’re looking for.

So like you said, you’re probably going to want to write your own template tag to do this.

I tried to contact Burt about a month ago and haven’t heard back yet – I heard he might be working on a new version of bpcontents but I don’t know anything definite.

One word of warning – at least in my case, the 1.1 upgrade totally broke down bpcontents. It wasn’t too hard to get it working again but required about half a day of debugging. If you’ve got bpcontents running in 1.1 + without hacks I’d be very interested to hear how you did it.

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