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Re: Activity Commenting

Now that I tested it a little some thoughts (constructive I hope):

1. In the sitewide activity it doesn’t show a comment, when it’s belonging to an older entry… I think it would be cool, if it would show up on top, no matter how old the original entry was, because with the comment, it’s getting “New” again (hope you are getting what I mean with my english…)

2. In the test-group: there are interesting discussions. One is about “feeding back” the comments to the original source (Blog-Post, etc) and one about the topic if the forums still make sense with that kind of activity-stream. Check it out and get involved in the discussion here – I think those are very important topics!

My answer is: As simple as possible for the end-user. Merge as much as you can!

An idea I posted in the group about the forum etc would be: Finding the topic and tagging would be the only benefit for forums. What if forums are topically organized with the overview and everything, but the answers would be the comments in the activity stream…?!

I guess technically (in the background) it would “measure” if it is a forum-post, blog-post or just a status-message your commenting to in the activity and handle all of it differently… (maybe that is very complicated, but would be great!)”

3. It really would be a loss, if there isn’t an option in the group anymore, to send a message to all members of the group… Right now I don’t see it anymore…

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