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Re: Activity Commenting



For the use case I have in mind, I am very interested in how blog posts appear in the activity stream.

At around 15:45 GMT, I made a test post on one of my blogs:

… but it did not appear in the activity stream on the homepage, not even with the stream filtered to “Blog Activity Only”.

I noticed that the most recent blog post appearing in the stream was written 3 days, 19 hours ago – could it be that there is a substantial delay before blog posts appear in the stream?

I also noticed that the blog post has not appeared in my own profile page’s stream either.

It might be the case that, when I set up the blog, there might have been some option I took that renders all of that blog’s posts private, which might be preventing them from appearing in the streams, but I can’t remember doing so and, now, I cannot find any option to make all posts public.

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