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Re: Activity DB Design Discussion

Mike Pratt


WHile I enjoy and learn quite a bit by reading the db design debate I cannot lend the insight that MrMaz et all do.

To @Tore’s point: As much as everyone will love doing all their activity from the activity stream, keep several things in mind. As Groups grow and become enhanced by plugins, users will find themselves also hanging out and revisiting those Groups due to the topical relevance to them. The My Groups and My friends filters on the SWA will also be huge hits but I think it’s a pretty safe bet that people will ask the question “What’s going on in Group X” and I think that highlights the need to make an action on the main activity stream eg the SWa remain a par of it’s originating Group. Indeed, such a stream may kill off the /forums aggregation but certainly not Groups themselves. This also lends credence to the much needed blog-post-like capability to be added to groups (purposely not said Blogs added… merely richer content capabilities that forum postings don’t provide for)

Great thread going on here. Hats off to all

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