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Re: Activity stream as front page in BP 1.2.4, WP 3.0 b2

There seems to be a lot of talk about BP 1.2.4. in conjunction with WP 3.0 and that some believe that 1.2.4 was intended to work with WP 3.0 yet I see no mention of that fact when reading the roadmap for versions. BP 1.3 is the only one that mentions WP 3.0.

BP was rushed out to fix an error in the initial release that included code from the 1.3 trunk spuriously.

If one wants a definitive answer I would think that downloading the trunk and running that against WP 3.0 should give a good idea of whether this is a real issue and requires a ticket raised or simply that is not intended to work flawlessly with WP 3.0

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