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Re: Activity-Stream as Tracker only

The reference in the two posts above yours is saying that the simplest approach is to edit the file entry.php in the /activity folder of the theme; this would be preferably done as a child theme i.e a copy of the files in a new theme directory you would then be looking for lines such as:

<a href=”<?php bp_activity_comment_link() ?>” class=”acomment-reply” id=”acomment-comment-<?php bp_activity_id() ?>”><?php _e( ‘Reply’, ‘buddypress’ ) ?> (<span><?php bp_activity_comment_count() ?></span>)</a>

and removing them or placing some form of conditional statement around them – I removed all links for a copy of entry.php which I pulled onto a custom frontpage but allowed the links for the activity stream as a directory view.
It’s a little long winded but straightforward

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