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Re: Add a welcome message to admin bar instead of website name

If you had actually read that codex page in the second link without dismissing it as not what you wanted (what did you want? I suspect what has been offered above!) then you would have noted this line:
We’re going to modify the ‘My Blogs’ menu without changing the core code

Operative words there are “without changing core code”

When you come to a tech forum that offers help you need to bear in mind that the prerequisite to gaining that help is that you demonstrate a willingness to get involved and to be seen to help your self as much as possible; please do not think that on a voluntary help forum that there is any obligation to help people it’s a co-operative process, and attitude of any sorts is never taken well! :)

You now have a function that looks on the surface to do what you require, and which you now test by adding to your functions file in your theme.

it’s important though that because some code has been provided that this isn’t perceived as the norm or that the forum is a coding service – the provision of code in this manner is up to each and every member to decide if they wish to provide and often it will be but it mustn’t be taken for granted.

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