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Re: Add fields to wp_users



Thanks Jeff. Those function reference pages look very useful. I’ll dive back into PHP hell next Saturday…

I’ve been struggling with this crap, including html/css, javascript, etc., since about 2002. I usually want what I think are basic requirements, like in this case a pretty straightforward members table. So far I’ve had most luck stitching together simpler PHP scripts that I could sort of follow.

The more mature packages, like WordPress, are great for teens/tweens that want to add widgets and play around with templates, but they drop the ball on some basic grown-up business requirements and are much harder to customize unless you\’re a hardcore programmer.

I can’t afford to spend the time to become a programmer. I’d hire a 3rd party developer if I could get a clearer picture of what I need and what’s possible in WP. I did do Google searches and have posted lots of related questions on the WP and WPMU forums.

BTW, an intern from NYU Polytechnic was supposed to work on my project. He was a real PHP programmer, but had never heard of WordPress and seemed to know even less than I did.

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