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Re: adding content to the 1.2 default theme homepage

Hey Windhamdavid,

Thanks so much. Sorry for the frustration. I posted that after 2.5 hours of porting hell. Turns out my server is running PHP 5.2.x and I developed locally in 5.3… and I had a function that 5.2 did not support. 2 hours in SSH trying to update PHP before giving in and contacting tech support. Argh! THEN… I found out my /blog/ link stopped working. Double argh!! LOL :o)

Anyway… my theme uses home.php for the homepage and index.php for /blog/. It worked great until the latest trunk.

So perhaps this can be fixed using a custom slug? That would be fantastic. Thanks so much!!! I’ll look into that. Never added a custom slug before.

The situation is that I need a homepage loop (home.php) that only shows a subset of posts as well as a full loop with a paginated result set of ALL posts… what would normally be your homepage (index.php… aka /blog/).

To explain… it’s a magazine site. All posts belong to an “issue” and will be tagged as such using a custom taxonomy that I registered in functions.php. So my homepage loop uses a custom query to output only the posts from the most recently added issue.

So that’s the homepage. Then there’s an “Archived Articles” link at the bottom of the page that uses index.php with the standard paginated homepage loop so that you can step back in time. It’s just a link to /blog/.

Anyway… I’ll look into that config file solution!!! Thanks!!!

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