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Re: adding content to the 1.2 default theme homepage

Andy’s instructions didn’t work because I still had a template named home.php for my homepage and it was taking over control of my posts page even when I had manually assigned it to my custom “Blog” page and template.

If anyone cares (LOL)… here’s the solution to having a separate front page and posts page that can both use a full paginated result set from the database.

1. Make a template for your homepage with a filename OTHER than “home.php” or “index.php”. I used “homepage.php”.

2. At the top of this file add <?php /* Template Name: Home */ ?>

3. Make a WordPress Page called “Home” and assign it to the template you just made (i.e. “Home”).

4. Make a WordPress Page called “Blog” and leave it assigned to the default template (which will be index.php).

5. In the Reading Settings switch to static mode and set the Front Page to “Home” and the Posts Page to “Blog”.

Thanks for the help guys. That was a mind bender. Just seemed easier (from a development point of view) when home.php and index.php defaulted to “/” and “/blog/”

Now I think I need a drink. LOL :o)

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