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Re: Adding menu items to the admin bar




Wow, you really took this little project to heart, didn’t you? Thanks for investing so much time on it! :-)

1. Didn’t realize the ul elements could cause problems but it works just fine without them (tested successfully on bp-default and child theme).

2. By wrapping wp_list_pages in ul elements, all pages aggregate under a top-level “Pages” nav item, with actual WP pages as subnav items and child pages as sub-subnavs as example below:

– Page 1 – – Page 1 child 1 – – Page 1 grandchild 1
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Page 1 grandchild 2
– – – – – – – – Page 1 child 2
– Page 2

By removing the “Pages” li element and wrapping the call to wp_list_pages in li elements, WP pages appear as top level, with child pages as subnavs. Creating a new page adds it to the nav as a top-level item, unless excluded (either entering the page ID manually in the code, or with “Exclude Pages” plugin). I prefer it this way, but the modified code could be included as an option in the plugin for those who prefer having all pages listed under a common heading, with instructions on where to change the heading label.

3. I get no errors with the new WP3.0 checks in place. I couldn’t figure out how to do that, but I see it was a rather simple if !function_exists call. Huh…

4. I left the top link name “Pages” in the wp_nav_menu calls for now. I have not tested this code on WP3.0 so don’t know if the menus will behave as in 2.9.2

I ran the code with modifications, both yours and mine, and it works brilliantly. Collaboration is a wonderful thing :-)

Here’s my revision:

No word yet from WP about my plugin submission… still waiting. Got to get to work now, thanks again!

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