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Re: Adding menu items to the admin bar

Ok get what you wanted for the wp_list-pages running horizontally, trouble with that is with a fixed width layout one might run out of space, testing on my fluid layout and the adminbar looked far too crowded.

It would be possible to offer some form of configuration file that would would allow for certain defaults to be set by the user to flip flop between dropdown and horizontal. be nice to be able to kep that seperatly from the plugin so it didn’t get overwritten with upgrades though.

I have checked in WP 3.0 and loose checks on 2.9.2 but those conditionals should hold good.

I would take my suggestion and remove those exclude parameters as they may cause issues if someone had page ids that matched (unlikely)

Problem in doing this as a plugin is that you have to allow the user to be in control of values and parameters and is what causes the issue with top level links for the wp_nav_menus. When I ran up my function for adding various links to adminbar it was and is run from bp-custom and under my control so I could add/change these values at will as required.

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