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Re: Adding menu items to the admin bar



@hnla Well now, great progress!

I remember writing at some point that it’s often the most obvious that escapes me… Turns out I hadn’t “actually” selected any files to upload to subversion… I was just going through the motions and clicking buttons (doh!). The first version of the plugin is up and I just updated it with a whole bunch of cool new stuff. Code here:

Thanks to your examples, I created 3 new custom configuration options: in addition to hide/show the main nav, users can now choose to hide/show the site name/logo, the Login/Signup links, and the Visit Random dropdown. I’ve also completely revamped the readme with a detailed FAQ, and added a fully commented stylesheet with the rules I use for my site to help get folks started on customizing their new admin/navbar.

Thanks a whole bunch for your invaluable help and instruction on this project! I can now say I’ve popped my plugin cherry! :-)

Now we just have to wait for subversion to update………

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