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Re: Adding more fields to groups

Haven’t got a huge amount of time of time to look in detail, as trying to get through stuff at the moment which ‘m not really feeling the love for.

I would have thought that it’s simply requiring the DB field creation stages? Had a quick look through the group-tag plugin but either missing it’s point or it’s not working on my install.

What perhaps may help is to keep a copy of the Skeleton component handy as that might help with DB input stuff? in the file bp-example-classes.php is a constructor that contains an example ‘save’ to DB function which you may be able to utilise in a simpler form.

I actually think this idea has legs; the ability to create extra fields for the group description? wouldn’t be a bad idea and could be used in a variety of ways. If you can get that data saved to DB I’ll try testing things and see if I can help out in some small way although the watchful eye on one of the others might be more help but best to get as much working first as possible.

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