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Re: Additional Registration Requirements

Joe Marino


@hnla that’s a good point! I guess I could do a localization after installing the plugin to make it say what I want. Speaking of which, is it possible to insert hyperlinks into a localization file? If not, I guess I’ll have to figure out how to make the edit from within the plugin files.

I understand that having my users read my privacy statement is not necessarily a “requirement”. However, it’s better to be safe than sorry these days as people are suing over petty issues like having their identity stolen. (Disclaimer: that was sarcasm by the way… in case any of you who are reading this didn’t catch on to that, lol)
– Press ALT+F4 to acknowledge that you have read the disclaimer above.

All jokes aside, my privacy policy describes the ways in which my company attempts to protect the privacy of our members and I would like to ensure that this information is admissible in court if the need should ever arise. Requiring that my members read the privacy policy before creating their account is simply a means by which to ensure that end is achieved.

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