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Re: Admin Bar at the bottom of the screen



Will, the problem still exists. I downloaded the Admin Bar mod but I read the “readme.txt” in a the future releaese you’ll be able to have the admin bar at the bottom. Well! That plugin is useless at the moment so I’m writing a plugin called WP-APPBAR which will allow you to integrate any chat system with it (like facebook) and I’ve managed to solve my own problem on top of it.

What would guys think of a plugin where you can just drag a widget into the appbar eg. chat, or latist activity from your friends….. latest poll….

Well I’m creating it right now, For every friend that tags you in a photo, or has a mention about you. It will pop up stylishly in a little, (you “x” notifactions)

I decided to move from drupal to WordPress, (I think I’m going to slit my wrists because I love drupal. but WordPress does have the most w3c compliant styling.)

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