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Re: Admin bar blurred in Chrome and Firefox

It is an artifact of the text-shadow property on #footer.
The only reason you are experiencing this issue th way you are cross browser is because of mal-formed markup which you are going to need to fix.


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Is Operas attempt to fix broken mal-formed markup and isn’t that great leading to the issue you are experiencing.
The markup is hopelessly wrong and forces the browser to use it’s tag soup rendering engine to try and correct the broken DOM or at least build some semblance of a workable DOM structure, There never were any rules laid down to govern how browsers dealt with tag soup code as you can’t build a Standard and then account for non standard behavior therefore browsers interpret what was intended and try and correct FF 3 gets this pretty close to correct and closes the anchor and moves the closing footer, Opera makes a mess of it or can’t figure out what to do.

What is causing this? Sadly can’t answer that and is where you will need a little coding experience to sort things out – it may well be the javascript error Tammie alluded to what is clear is that there is a huge amount of scripting taking place and a fair few markup errors too many really and is the inherent weakness in a 3rd party plugin based application.

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