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Re: admin bar links re-direct to homepage

Jeff Sayre


Two posts above, you state that you were attempting a clean install but then immediately in the next post say that you, “might try deleting all my mu-plugins and plugins.”

If you had any plugins installed anywhere, then you are not doing a clean install. For some, such as myself, I only consider a clean install starting from scratch–a totally wiped domain (no files), new DB table, new WPMU install, and then new BuddyPress install.

Since in your first post in this thread you indicated that you did not upgraded from a previous version of WPMU, then I’m assuming you have no data worth saving. If that is the case, then I suggest starting from scratch and doing a real, clean install. This means deleting all your files and deleting the MySQL DB. Once you have WPMU running again, thoroughly check it out before installing anything else. Once you think it is ready to go, then install BuddyPress and only BuddyPress. Make sure that it is work fine with the default BP themes before doing anything else.

Once you have BuddyPress working properly, you can then start adding new plugins. But only do so one at a time, fully checking to see if issues arise from activating each new plugin before adding an additional one.

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