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Re: Admin bar not showing

Hugo Ashmore


I note you have asked the exact same question on WP support, it is considered bad form to post across different forums with the same copied question however I do also note that you didn’t post the WP one til ~ 2 hours ago.

looking at that theme on WP tells me it hasn’t been updated since June of last year, BP has gone through some major updates since then, personally I wouldn’t bother with a theme that hasn’t been updated to keep abreast of new versions.

This exact same problem has been asked before of this theme on this forum in fact mercime you responded on it.

I find it incredulous sometimes that people can call a simple reworking of a few colours and a few rulesets here and there a theme, given that the theme looks like BP why not just use the current bp and modify it ourself to suit at least that way you would know it worked :)

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