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Re: Advanced Search plugin needed

It’s something that I want to work on, but I haven’t got time. I contribute to BuddyPress and do BP consultancy and plugin development in the evenings and weekends (or at lunch, as you can see from this reply). Something else I really want to do is contribute features and patches directly to the BP core, which I’m trying to do for 1.3.

Split between reading virtually every thread on these forums (helping and/or moderating where I can), attending the fortnightly BP Dev Chats, keeping an eye on tickets in the (bug) tracker, supporting two existing plugins and doing client development work… it’s just crazy. It reminds me of this post, by Jeff Sayre — “I’m BuddyPress-ed for Time”.

So the only way I can possible do this is in a decent time frame is dropping one of the above, or if someone wants to hire me to do build on the search.


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