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Re: All links are working, minus my admin/author/all of my pages

Peter Anselmo


On the 2nd, Andy worked on this by trimming all whitespace from newly entered values. You can see the changes here:

I tested this on, and yes, it does keep the problem from happening for new members. There are two outstanding issues with this however.

1. It silently trims the whitespace, so you have no way of knowing that your username is not what you entered. At a minimum, it should send you an updated username with the confirmation email. Only after looking at the site activity, and seeing my username with the space trimmed, did I realize why I wasn’t able to log in.

2. It doesn’t help any of the existing users with spaces in their names (such as myself on this forum).

Admittedly, this is a tough problem to solve for existing users, but yes, AFIK, it is still unsolved.

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