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Re: All site data visible to members and non-members alike

Tyler Regas


Thanks for the feedback on this, folks! I would submit that this simply proves that I am not smart and that your mild jabs at my supposed intelligence are sadly misplaced.

I do have a security implementation now being used on the site. It is a plugin for WP called Restricted Site Access from C. Murray Consulting. It works to the point where if they are not logged in I can redirect them. To workaround this roadblock, I ended up installing a secondary WP installation as the redirect target. It just feel so ridiculously busy and unnecessary.

If I could manage to get the plugin to allow users to not only go to the login page, which is allowed, but also to the signup page, then I might be mollified. Its very important that the site work to protecting its susceptible members from the inevitable predators who are out there. Not only will the site provide online socialization, but local events will be coordinated with regional volunteers, so you can see where there might be a problem.

So, how many people are employed by Auttomatic to work on this project?

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