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Re: Alternative to Facebook

Jeff Sayre



Thanks for the compliment.


I can see that you are passionate about this issue. It is good to see more people raise the banner of distributed open source social networks. Do you have much experience with Semantic Web protocols?

An update on what I’ve been doing with regards to this issue:

I’ve been holding secret, high-level discussions in my ancient, giant sloth cave about how the BP community should go about implementing SemWeb protocols in BuddyPress. Well, it seems like I’ve been in a cave as it has been difficult to get people excited about the prospects of bringing the Semantic Web to BP as most do not yet understand the benefits. Fortunately, there is a small but growing group of people that are excited, that do understand the virtues of semantifying BP. @DJPaul and I plan to look into the best approaches to tackle the overall issue of BP semantification. He has also attracted another developer to join the cause.

There are more people starting to take interest as well. I spent part of today discussing with Henry Story the prospects of using BuddyPress as a test case platform for brining a solid Semantic Web implementation to an open source social networking project. One of the first projects might be a SSO (single sign on) plugin using WebIDs.

So, strides are being made, albeit small ones at this time. It is not clear whether WP / BP can be crafted to become a fully-functioning distributed social networking platform but it is the best place to start.

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