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Re: Am I going mad or are there now avatars next to posts in the Activity stream?

Roger Coathup


@r-a-y – sure, we can get rid of them with some additional work on sites in development, but what about the installed sites – who’s going to schedule, manage and pay for their modifications?

As you know, BuddyPress has real world 3rd party implementations – it’s not just in the realm of coders, who only maintain and support their own site.

If the client hits the upgrade button (which the admin system will be encouraging them to do), they will be left with a site that doesn’t look like they want (and in some cases, will have multiple buttons and areas that simply don’t work anymore).

Surely, the whole point about a child theme is the exact opposite – it’s not expecting things to change – it’s expecting the parent to stay working as expected when the core is upgraded – to provide us with a safe consistent level of abstraction.

The client has paid for a site they want, designed the way they want – not to have it change on the arbitrary design whims of a 3rd party they’ve never met.

What will happen when WordPress bring out a new design for their default theme? Will they overwrite 2010 and thereby change the look / behaviour of every child based on it? Of course not, they will they introduce it as a new theme, and 2010 will happily continue to function.

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