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Re: Announcing BuddyPress Group Forums for bbPress

John James Jacoby


Sorry for the confusion. I’m juggling a few ideas so I’m probably not communicating in a straight line right now.

Check out for an example…

Basically some of the people logged in and posting in my forums were converted over from a install, and they have yet to update their buddypress profiles with real name info, so using this plugin, their names don’t show up at all, and neither do their avatars as they haven’t uploaded one yet either. Make sense?

And yes about your template… If you look at the front-page.php or forum.php files, you’ll see that the usernames still fall back on the bbPress username of ‘admin’ instead of your name as ‘Site Admin’ if that makes sense? Striving for uniformity, I’d like to get all of the names displayed the same.

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