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Re: Announcing BuddyPress Group Forums for bbPress

Burt Adsit


I see your problem with the avs and names. Only suggestion I have is to write a little script that stuffs default names and avs for your users. bp just uses the gravatar’esqe identicons, wavatars and such for non uploaded avs.

This function here might help you out: bp_core_get_avatar() in /bp-core/bp-core-avatars.php

These lines in that fn do the default av for a user:

$ud = get_userdata($user);
$grav_option = get_site_option('user-avatar-default');

if ( empty( $grav_option ) ) {
$default_grav = 'wavatar';
} else if ( 'mystery' == $grav_option ) {
$default_grav = site_url( MUPLUGINDIR . '/bp-core/images/mystery-man.jpg');
} else {
$default_grav = $grav_option;

$gravatar = '' . md5( $ud->user_email ) . '?d=' . $default_grav . '&s=';

One little thing I noticed on your site. I have some debug info in the forum list that appends the forum_id. It’s still in there. :)

My Favorite Forum (9)

Where (9) is the forum_id.

It’s in line 110 of oci_bb_custom.php

<?php forum_name(); echo ' (' . $forum->forum_id . ')'; ?></a><br />

You can take out the echo ‘ (‘. $forum->forum_id . ‘) ‘; stuff if you want.

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