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Re: Announcing Unofficial Version 1.2 of bp-skeleton-component

Jeff Sayre


More Details:

To use this unofficial version of the skeleton component, you should at least be running WPMU 2.7.1 beta1 and BP r1324 (although you’ll probably be okay if you just have r1303 installed). But, you should at least by aware of this important change:

I’ll keep the package posted at the above location until it is either proved a disaster or is found useful and becomes an official BuddyPress package (Hint Hint).

We did not make changes through a subversion controlled environment. I did not deem that necessary. We did, however, comment all of our changes and started each comment or comment group with “v1.2_URC1:”. So, you can search on that phrase and see where we’ve made changes.

Andy, it would be great if others with more intimate knoweldge of the inner workings of BuddyPress and the recent changes could look at this unofficial version of the skeleton component. I’d be more than happy to transfer it to your domain to use as is or alter as necessary.

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