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Re: Any shopping cart suggestions?

I’m also trying to integrate ecommerce capabilities into Buddy Press – but for a completely different reason.

We are setting up a campaign website on the MU platform to use the strength of WP’s CMS for the blog, new, media parts of the site – and then utilize MU and BuddyPress to allow campaigners / supports a place to communicate and interact. (similar to Barak’s “”)

We want to allow supports to donate to the campaign and track there donations on their member pages. I’m looking into a 3rd Party Member management platform called “amember” ( as it has a wordpress integration plugin and offers the ability to sell “subscription” products. It is only tested with the standard version of WP – not MU, so I’m running into some database issues where the wp_1_ prefix is throwing me for a loop. (I’m not the best PHP programmer)

Any thoughts on using these two platforms together? Is there a better solution?

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