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Re: Any shopping cart suggestions?



Hmmm, dimensionmedia, you might be on to something. Yes, I want to offer each user a blog and a store front. The people at instinct who wrote wp e-commerce have already developed something like what I have in mind for my niche. It’s However, from posts I’ve read, I guess they had to rework the plugin to get it to work with wpmu and they’re not giving up on those little secrets. But back to your idea. Can we chat? I’m not sure I’m getting it. I’ll have to research some ecommerce themes. Just never thought of it that way. Thought I’d need a shopping cart like wp ecommerce or eshop (tried it, didn’t get it with the pages setup). Thanks for stirring up the grey matter.

Danf, let me know how you do with your testing. I just can’t fork over 55 bucks unless I’m absolutely sure it’s going to work. It looks pretty slick though.

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