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Re: Any shopping cart suggestions?



I wanted to give an update here as I am continually impressed with this shopping cart ( I would recommend it to anyone needing a solution. (Im not the only one singing its praises: )

Anyways, its now publicly available as a 1.0 release for $55 standalone, plus $25 for gateways ($300 for developer license – he doesn’t specify where wpmu falls on this)

So, with the latest 1.0 release, the developer behind shopp fixed the global database issue I had previously mentioned. I can now install it in a wordpressmu environment (with buddypress installed, too) and get it running on 2 different blogs, each with their own products/carts! It requires further testing to declare it production ready, but I could not find anything wrong with it from an hour of testing. The only issue I found was doing the automated upgrades causing an error in wpmu – so if/when upgrading the plugin, be sure to do it manually instead of through the automated process (but Im sure that will get fixed in future releases as well)

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