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Re: Any solutions on blank Member theme?


Thanks for coming back on this.

I have actually now deleted the whole Mu and BuddyPress set-up (as it is new) and downloaded the latest. I have gone through the install guide again and…same problem.

I fiddling around last time, I forgot to mention that when the Member theme is installed in wp-content it does not show up at all in themes control panels. It is only when it is put in themes directory that it registers in the themes admin but it does not show in Ajax preview and results in blank page if installed.

The last time, I recursively changed all permissions to 777 of every file in desperation, but still no joy.

For what I want to do, a constant theme across all blogs and sites is the ideal, so I want to get this to work. It allows the BuddyPress Home theme OK, by the way.

Hope there might be a clue there somewhere.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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