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Re: Anyone else working on integrating Gigya?



Thanks for sharing regarding RPXNOW. After a quick review, I think their model will probably keep them around, but I’m concerned about the limited functionality at the free level. Most of it requires $10/mo. or more Gigya’s model seems to allow them to provide a free service with much more customization and features. The fact they have many major partners also suggests staying power. THey even have an interesting toolbar, but I probably won’t use it.

Unless something changes, I’m leaning toward gigya. However, there are issues. Last I checked, they were just finishing the MU version of their plugin (even though some had gotten the .org version working). Also, the biggest complaint I saw was an inability to restrict people from creating multiple logins with each of their identities (e.g. Yahoo, Google). Also, getting users to fill out detailed profiles was more problematic. I would want to see these addressed (although I don’t see how the former could be addressed technologically).

Regarding OpenID, as with the liquor store, allowing multiple forms of payment is a must. Cash only will restrict customers.

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