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Re: Apostrophes turn to “///////” in Subject Line of Private Messages

Lance Willett


I was able to duplicate this behavior, but don\’t have a fix in mind for it. This is with the latest trunk (revision 1302):

To repeat, log in as a user and send a message to another user with this subject line: Just wondering how you\'re doing

When that first message saved to the database, the field value is this: Just wondering how you\'re doing

So far, so good.

Now log out and log in as a different user (the recipient), and go to the messages area. Click the subject to open the message, and type a reply.

Now look in the database (in the \”wp_bp_messages_messages\” table) and you\’ll see that the subject field for the reply is: Re: Just wondering how you\\\'re doing

Now repeat this four or five times, and you\’ll see that each time the message gets saved extra slashes are added:

Re: Just wondering how you\\\\\\\'re doing

Re: Just wondering how you\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'re doing

Re: Just wondering how you\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'re doing

The issue, as far as I can tell, is that when the subject is saved, the escape characters (slashes) from the previous subject line are themselves escaped.

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