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Re: Are We Wasting Our Time?

Mike Pratt


At the risk of being too negative, some of your statements don’t make sense to me and some seem purposefully (or naively) vague. If you’ve been at WP and BP for 3months now, then logic would dictate that you should be familiar enough with the 2 that you’d be able to answer your questions about their capabilities.

If you’re convinced you are onto some new idea of what people want in a new collection of networks, then you will get much better feedback if you added some detail/clarity in your request. So far, imho, the reason you are getting these nebulous opinions is because your request sounds more like “I wanna build this new car that no one has built, any ideas?”

WP/BP are ready for you to launch your project now. Do some styling and you’re off and running. See if that demand is really out there. Good luck.

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