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Re: Are We Wasting Our Time?

if your whole energy is actually drawn by writing your website’s goals, like indicated in your OP, i can answer your topic title… yes you waste your time.

youtube was written in 2 months and the goal was not to become the dedicated site for videos, but to share some vacation clips… for friends. the power of that site is not the design, nor the code or the ideas, but the spreading of the idea… someone thought it was greater than the first goal…

so even if you have great goals, forget about it… if you do not start your site, if you do not let the visitors make an idea of your site, if you do not let the visitors take your site and make it theirs, sorry but you loose your time.

having a site is not having a software development… Andy here is dealing with a project, not a target… he have no target, he want to go way beyond… a website is different… if you do not start, you can’t reach your goal… if you have only one goal, you will not reach it if the site is a service, because the members are to change the path of your project from day one…

so the best advice, everybody said it… open your site, build it piece by piece, listen to your clients/members… that’s it… stop writing for 5 years to come, because in 5 years, facebook and youtube will be dead, the story will be different

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